Technical Abstracts

Robust Deblending of Simultaneous Source Seismic Data

GeoConvention 2019, Expanded Abstract
Aaron Stanton and Keith Wilkinson

Simultaneous source seismic acquisition is an efficient method of seismic surveying that can considerably reduce the cost of high density seismic acquisition. The method results in overlapping records, or interference, that must be removed prior to subsequent processing.


Considerations for Effective Rank Based Noise Attenuation

GeoConvention 2017, Expanded Abstract - Best Oral Presentation - Honorable Mention
Aaron Stanton and Jeff Deere

Incoherent noise attenuation remains a challenging problem in seismic data processing. While many tools are successful at removing noise, this often comes at the expense of some signal. We seek the ideal noise attenuator– one that is effective, practical, and above all safe.


The Design and Application of Converted-Wave COVs

GeoConvention 2013, Expanded Abstract
Richard Bale, Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, and Jeff Deere

This abstract describes an adaptation of the COV concept to converted-wave (PS) data and discusses applications of the COV domain in PS processing. One possible application is to update the Vp/Vs used for CCP binning, based upon analysis of reciprocal COVs, with equal but opposite offset vector directions.