Why Key Seismic?

We pursue excellence in all aspects of our company’s operation, and our customers capitalize on this relentless pursuit to be the best! Listening to the customer, understanding their needs and delivering service with competence, passion and attention to detail is to be expected.

Key Seismic is built for customers who consistently demand superior geophysical solutions from their processor.

Results speak louder than words, and superior results are what we are all about. Our customers include some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, companies who carefully qualify the technical ability and capacity of their geophysical contractors prior to utilizing their services. Key Seismic qualifies when compared against the best in the world, and that world-class standard of performance is always available for all of our customers. We make significant financial commitments to acquire and develop superior resources for Key Seismic operations, resulting in continuous improvement that keeps us in step with our customer needs.

Year over year Key Seismic differentiates itself from the competition by developing and applying processing technology in a manner that most competitors cannot compete with. Our R&D activity includes participation in domestic and international research consortia resulting in leading geophysical application software development. We deliver and support one of the best products in the seismic data processing industry, world-wide, bar none. Need proof? Try us; we prefer to compete on the merit of our product and services.