PP / PS (Multicomponent)

Many modern land surveys are acquired with 3 component accelerometers or geophones; Key Seismic has the capability to comprehensively process both PP and PS converted-wave data acquired with such technology. PP processing is an essential first step in PS processing. With PP data we build and QC the field geometry that will also be used for PS processing. PP velocities and statics are important input to our PS processing flow. The noise attenuation, signal processing, static calculation and AVO compliant techniques used for PP processing are all applicable to PS processing. Our R&D team has developed PS specific processing tools such as PS-NMO, conversion point binning, PS-PSTM, shear-wave splitting analysis and orientation analysis. The sophisticated PP and PS processing technology and techniques available at Key Seismic can help in the determination of fracture presence, location and orientation. These technologies together can provide valuable insight to possible variations in formation characteristics when using 4D time lapse methodology.