Consortium Participation

Consortium Participation 

To augment our in-house research and development efforts we sponsor university research by participating in research consortia that work to solve geophysical problems of interest to us and our clients. 


From 2012 to 2020 we sponsored the Signal Analysis and Imaging Group (SAIG) research group at the University of Alberta ( SAIG “carries out research in the area of seismic signal processing, inversion and imaging”. Amongst the technologies that were developed by SAIG is 5D interpolation using minimum weighted norm interpolation (MWNI). This is a very important technology in 3D land seismic processing.

 In 2008 we sponsored the Delphi Consortium from TU Delft in the Netherlands ( The Delphi Consortium has made many contributions to seismic research including some of the earliest work on surface related multiple attenuation (SRME). SRME has become a standard multiple attenuations method in marine seismic processing.

 In 2005 and 2006 we sponsored the POTSI (Pseudodifferential Operator Theory and Seismic Imaging) consortium at the University of Calgary ( POTSI “brings together mathematicians, geophysicists, and image specialists to build improved seismic imaging algorithms based on pseudodifferential operator theory and other advanced mathematical analysis techniques”. POTSI researchers performed early work on Gabor deconvolution.