Technical Publications

Reverse-time depth migration in elastic media

CSEG Recorder December 2014
Zaiming (Mark) Jiang

This CSEG Recorder article sketches a reverse-time migration workflow. The migration is based on an elastic model of the earth, is driven by elastodynamic equations, and processes mutlicomponent seismic records. It works with shot gathers and is a prestack migration.


The Signature of Shear-Wave Splitting: Theory and Observations on Heavy Oil Data

The Leading Edge, 2013, 32(1):14-24
Richard Bale, Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, Kurtis Wikel, and Robert Kendall

The use of shear-wave splitting analysis as a tool for fracture analysis is well established. This article discusses the analysis of shear-wave splitting in a relatively new context — shallow heavy oil plays where stress is believed to be the dominant cause of the shear-wave splitting, rather than macroscale fracturing.