Technical Leadership Team

Eric Senetza - Group Leader

B.Sc. Geophysics 1990, University of Alberta
Member of SEG, CSEG

Eric is responsible for managing one of the land seismic processing groups at Key Seismic. This includes ensuring accurate, timely seismic processing & quality control, customer liaison, resource management and development of processing personnel. He is also involved in marketing, and contributing to strategic planning at Key Seismic. Eric has over 29 years’ experience processing 2D & 3D land seismic data from different geographic regions and offers a high level of technical expertise. In his career he has successfully managed various seismic processing teams and enjoys the challenges this brings.

Brian Hargreaves - Group Leader

B.Sc. Physics 2002, B.Ed. 2004, University of Calgary
Member of SEG, CSEG

Brian has over 14 years’ experience in the seismic data processing industry. He has worked as a Processor, and as a Processing Group Leader. Brian's primary responsibilities at Key Seismic include managing a processing group, coordinating and overseeing seismic data processing projects and client communication. He is committed to ensuring a superior product, and experience, for all Key Seismic customers. Brian brings passion and enthusiasm to his work, helping ensure that his clients gain maximum benefit in choosing Key Seismic.

Sean McAfee - Group Leader

Engineering Science, Geophysics 1987, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Member of SEG, CSEG

Sean has over 30 years of experience processing 2D & 3D seismic data. Having spent the majority of his career in a supervisory role, Sean's strengths are in quality control, client relations, managing projects and resources, problem solving and mentoring of junior processors. He has extensive experience processing both domestic data and data from a wide variety of countries around the world including highly structured regions. As a Group Leader at Key Seismic, Sean's passion is working collaboratively with clients to ensure the highest quality product.

Tobin Marchand - Group Leader, Multicomponent Processing

B.Sc. Joint Honours in Mathematics & Physics 1999-2002 McGill University
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, 2002-2005, McGill University
Member of SEG, CSEG

Tobin joined the geophysical industry in 2006 soon after having moved to Calgary from Montreal. His seismic experiences include field work in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, QC field processing in the Alaskan arctic, front end seismic processing (2D, 3D), seismic processing (2D, 3D, 4D, 3C) and R&D experimental processing. As Group Leader of multicomponent processing at Key Seismic, Tobin is responsible for the processing of all seismic data containing a shear wave component. Tobin works jointly with the research and development team to ensure that Key Seismic stays at the forefront of modern multicomponent processing technologies.

Ken Zhao - Marine Processing Manager

B.Sc. Physics 1985, Hebei University, China
Member of SEG, CSEG

Ken Zhao has over 32 years of experience in onshore, offshore seismic data processing and depth imaging. Prior to joining Key Seismic he has held various positions as senior processor, marine processing supervisor and processing manager while working for CNOOC, Paradigm Geophysical, Kelman Technologies and CGGVeritas. Ken joined Key Seismic in 2008 as a senior marine processor and by working closely with our technical team he helped to develop our state of the art, true amplitude marine processing flow, ensuring a superior product and experience for all Key Seismic customers.

Keith Wilkinson - Vice President Technology

B.Sc. Engineering Geophysics 1983, University of Saskatchewan
Member of CSEG

Keith has over 35 years’ experience in oil and gas exploration geophysics. After 12 years at a major multinational oil company Keith joined the seismic data processing service sector. He has held technical management positions with several Calgary based service companies having both domestic and international operations. Keith is a founder of Key Seismic and is currently Vice President Technology. His efforts are primarily focused on implementation and optimization of new processing technologies.

Jeff Deere - Chief Geophysicist

B.Sc. (Hons) Geophysics 1983, University of Manitoba
M.Sc. Geophysics 1988, University of Toronto
Member of SEG, CSEG, APEGA and EAGE

Jeff has been the Chief Geophysicist at Key Seismic since March of 2006. In this role, he helps our production group solve geophysical problems and interacts with our clients to ensure they are using the appropriate geophysical technology to solve their problems. Prior to joining Key Seismic, Jeff was a Technical Account Manager and the head of Geophysical Application and Support group with Veritas DGC in Calgary. He also spent 13 years with Shell in Calgary and Rijswijk, Netherlands where he worked in seismic processing and R&D.

He was a member of the The Leading Edge editorial board from 2007 to 2010 and he is the CSEG co-chair for the 2015 GeoConvention.

Doug Horton - Geophysical Technology Support

Engineering Science, Geophysics 1981, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Programming Certificate 1993, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Certificate of Emerging Leaders, Business Management 2008, University of Calgary
Member of SEG, CSEG

Doug has over 37 years of experience in the geophysical industry. He began his career with Halliburton Geophysical where he worked on land and marine 3D processing. He held various positions as a Team Leader and in software support. He joined Veritas in 1993 where he worked in the geophysical applications support team for 4 years before moving international. He lived in South America for almost 5 years where he supervised teams working on a variety of data types from various countries including Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Suriname. Upon returning to Calgary he managed numerous teams specializing in structural time and depth imaging, AVO/AVAZ/VVAZ, OBC, 5D interpolation, heavy oil, 4D time lapse, and imaging beneath permafrost. He joined Key Seismic in 2011 focusing on the integration of new software into production processing.

Dr. Aaron Stanton - Research Developer

B.Sc. Geophysics 2007, University of Alberta
Ph.D. Geophysics 2017, University of Alberta
Member of SEG, CSEG, and EAGE

Aaron is responsible for developing new technologies to compliment Key Seismic’s processing capabilities. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta where his thesis focused on multidimensional regularization and imaging of multicomponent seismic data. Prior to his studies Aaron spent four years processing land, towed streamer, and ocean bottom node datasets in Canada, the UK, and Nigeria. Aaron has won awards for best student poster/presentation at the SEG annual meeting (2012), best CSEG Recorder article (2013), and best CSEG technical luncheon (2015).

Dr. Zaiming (Mark) Jiang - Manager of Geophysical Software Development

B.Eng. Geology 1992, Northeastern University, China.
M.Eng. Computer Science 1998, Northeastern University, China.
Ph.D. Geophysics 2012, University of Calgary
Member of SEG, CSEG

Mark is responsible for evolution and maintenance of Key Seismic’s proprietary geophysical software system. Mark has an education background and work experience in both geophysics and software engineering. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Calgary in 2012 with a thesis on Elastic Modelling and Reverse-time Migration. Before entering the field of seismic data processing in Canada, Mark had worked as a software engineer and a manager of software development department in China and in Japan. From 2006 onwards, he has been actively developing geophysical software in various packages.